DIYs I’ve Done

Over the years, I’ve done many different DIYs. I didn’t document each one carefully as I did not have a blog back then, but I can still share the finished products, my reviews of them, and the links where I found the DIYs from. Here we go!

Sashiko Jeans

First and favorite are my jeans. My favorite jeans were boyfriend jeans that had rips in the knees. After about a year, though, the strings over the rips gradually fell off until there were just two gaping holes at my knees that made ripping sounds every time I sat down. It wouldn’t do. So, I found this lovely DIY on Honestly WTF’s blog (very fun, check it out) for sashiko denim repair. I followed it pretty much exactly to the T which resulted in my favorite jeans! I made the patch material from a skirt I found at Goodwill.


Driftwood Hanger

The next DIY I got off of Pinterest after seeing many different versions of it. It holds my long necklaces with a piece of driftwood I found on a beach while I was on vacation plus some thumbtacks, string, and a command hook (more on my love/hate relationship with THOSE later). I actually have two, the other I just use to hold hats and my umbrella. It’s great, though I would recommend using actual nails or hooks like I usually see.


T-shirt Rug

Up next is my slightly failed t-shirt rug. It lives in my closet where only I really see it. I had some old yarn and t-shirts lying around that I cut up into yarn, and then followed this tutorial for how to make a t-shirt rug since the braided one seemed like a pain to sew into a circle. Needless to say I underestimated two things: how much yarn would be needed, and how much tension is put on a loom when braiding a rug. Granted, my rudimentary loom was made out of some old pieces of wood I found in the basement, some thin nails, and duct tape, but still! I’ll be making a second attempt sometime soon with my newfound wisdom…


T-shirt Produce Bags

Next up we have my produce bags. These were also made from old t-shirt inspired by this and this. An advisory if you plan on doing something like this: use t-shirts that aren’t stretchy. The fabric needs to be pretty still and strong, otherwise you’ll be carrying produce bags with fruit in them that hang almost to the floor. Not fun.


Drawstring Bags

My bulk shopping bags/all-purpose drawstring bags I made out of an old pillowcase I found at Goodwill and some twine. I liked the pattern and thought they would look pretty. I didn’t actually follow a tutorial for this, I just went off of what I knew. I cut it up into squares and then sewed them back together in bag-form. Sometimes I didn’t need to sew a space for the drawstring since hem was pretty generous, but other times I did.


On-the-go Utensil Holder

And now for my ugly child: my to-go utensil holder. Recognize the fabric? It’s a bit of a Frankenstein’s DIY monster, but it still gets the job done. I wasn’t really following a tutorial for this either (hence the UGLY). I just roughly measured out how long the roll would need to be to fit utensils, cut it out, folded it in half, and hand-sewed pockets (ain’t no room for a sewing machine in a college dorm). I cut holes out in the middle too at first because I didn’t think through how the string would hold it together, and then realized it would only need one hole on one side. Later on as I used this more, I found that the utensils kept falling out. Hence the odd beige part on top from an old t-shirt. It folds down BEFORE the roll is rolled, keeping the utensils in. Also, if you’re going to be carrying around chopsticks and metal straws, please either use a sewing machine or sew over your lines like five times. Hand-sewing makes for large holes that skinny things easily slip through.


Purse Planter

And last but not least, my bag planter. I have many relatives that come to visit from Peru and they usually bring back presents that are nice, but that I often don’t have a use for. This is one such example where I didn’t want to donate it because the fabric was so pretty, but I wasn’t using it either. Then I had the idea to make a hanging planter for my oldest plant baby! I took a plastic bag from the recycling, cut it out to roughly the shape of the bag, and cut a small hole in the bottom for drainage. It then stuffed it and the plant into the bag and voilá! Instant decor!


There are many other small things I’ve done that either aren’t very significant or are just too dang ugly and are temporary. Hope this inspires some of you to get crafting!

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